Black dick in mouth, that’s some serious cock meat.

Girl taking a big black dick in her mouth, sperm is going under her chain, she loves a taste of warm cum and a warm cock.

Why do some white women prefer to move from being with a white man to a black man?

I asked a woman once why they like black men…Because white men are hard on their women. they need their women to be skinny and excellent . And if you do not look a particular way they do not want you. Black men accept just about all races of girls and that they are hospitable many various body types.

It doesn’t bother them than the lady is heavy. a number of them, not all. If they like her they like her. White men aren’t that way. Not all of them but most. Also, within the black community our cultural values are different. Weight unless it’s very unhealthy is sexy and delightful .

A voluptuous body is gorgeous . Breasts, an ample butt, thighs… are beautiful. We as nation have less body issues. Blacks are different culturally so a lady that’s heavier is accepted and to him she is pretty too.. not just skinny mini’s. In black culture, a lady or man that’s very skinny isn’t so attractive…

Someone else said to me that black men date the white women that white men don’t need . Those big girls aren’t what many white men want in order that they want to possess happiness and love too.

in order that they date outside their race. Everyone wants love. If your men doesn’t want so far you, there are other men which will and can appreciate you.. As you’re beginning to see. AND Thank God for that. Different people want various things , that permits everyone to possess someone for themself.

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