Rubbing dick on face and tongue.

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Do girls like to rub penises on their faces and boobs?

Not all. Not everything.

I like penis to rub between of my boobs. When I am was lying on bed, boys used to almost sit on me and starts rubbing penis in my cleavage and same time holding boobs toward each other. At same time, I tried to give blow job but it was difficult to bend neck so much for long time to take moving penis in mouth.

However, 1 of my close friends, who has better and more round boobs than me, doesn’t like blow job at all. She like when there is play with boobs, nipples and cleavage rubbing. She completely dislikes penis touching the face or mouth. So it’s just about personal choice.

I do! It’s a great tease.

It builds anticipation and tension, and draws things out more, It’s actually one of my favourite things, but my SO really can’t deal with it for too long, he always says it’ll send him over the end.

It gives really good stimulation and really turns me on, so yeah, I like it.

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