Top Pornstars of 2019

The porn industry currently has more top pornstars than ever before, and once we say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019, choosing a high 10 list is getting even harder. You might not agree with all the ladies we’ve listed but we hope you agree if you don’t accept any of the girls and recommend girls that you’d include instead they are hot – let us understand into the comments! Additionally, please be conscious that this list is constantly updated – pornstars come and go, and if a pornstar hasn’t been active for a while she shall be demoted.

Abella Danger

There are only a few white girls in porn that have been endowed with a phat arse while maintaining a figure that is slim Abella is one of them. Of course, this makes her an instant hit with all the current ass lovers online, us included. Her ass in conjunction with her pretty face, olive skin, and thick, toned thighs gives her an area on this list (she was also requested become included by our readers).

Lana Rhodes

Lana must have been added to this list a time that is long, and we can only apologise for the delay in adding her. Then it’s a fix – she’s been one of the absolute most active (and hottest) performers in 2010 and she’s showing no signs of slowing if Lana doesn’t win 2017’s most readily useful pornstar during the next AVN awards. We have a feeling that Lana will be on our pornstars that are top for many years to come.


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